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210 Work Comp Doctor In San Antonio, TX | (210) 967-5377
Did you know that as an employee you are covered under compensation injury laws and procedures. This means that if you are injured you are eligible to receive all the medical care you need to cure and relieve the effects of any on-the-job injury or disease, at no charge to you. Federal Employees and government contractors that have been injured while on the job performing work-related duties can seek care from us, 210WORKERS - Federal Workers Compensation Injury Clinic in San Antonio TX. Call us (210) 967-5377 for more information about work comp doctor or visit our website.

Address:- 4423 Northwest Loop 410 #203, San Antonio, TX 78229

Phone:- (210) 967-5377

Official Website:- https://www.210workers.com/tx-location
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